What Is SmoothApps

Smoothapps is a boutique I.T. Consulting firm that helps software delivery organizations apply agile values principles and practices to frequently deliver high quality, valuable software to the market.




How We Help

We use Agile Training, Coaching and Consulting to help our clients create sustainable competitive advantage.




Why SmoothApps

We believe that the magic of transformation occurs at the intersection of entrepreneurial thinking, agile delivery frameworks and inspiring story-telling. We believe we are in an elite group of firms that excel in all three!


Discovering The Scientific Purpose of Scrum Elements

Scrum Discovery Cheat Sheet – From a Superficial to Scientific Understanding of Scrum

10+ years of helping thousands of practitioners with implementation of Professional Scrum has taught me one thing - most practitioners have a very superficial understanding of Scrum. To most, Scrum

Lessons From Michelangelo - How To Get Buy-In For Agile Training

Lessons From Michelangelo – How To Crack Tough Nuts & Get Buy-In For Scrum Training

Around 14  years ago, my Coach - Peggy Reed changed my life by sending me to Scrum Training. I fell in love with Scrum and chose to become a Scrum.org

The Scrum Master As A Ferocious Protector

The Scrum Master Is An FFFCDO For Developers!

Of late, I've been noticing an interpretation of the Scrum Master role - the Scrum Master as An FFFCDO for Developers - a Fierce, Ferocious, Fearsome Chief Defense Officer!. Anytime,

Why You Should NOT Waste Time & Money on Evidence Based Management!

Why You Should NOT Waste Time & Money on Evidence Based Management!

Are you too busy doing real work to bother about this new fad called "Evidence Based Management"? Are you tired of beating yourself up because you just don't have the

The Most Important Scrum Master Interview Questions

The Five Most Important Scrum Master Interview Questions

I WANT TO CONVINCE YOU THAT... I interviewed a Scrum Master candidate last week. This blog is inspired by him. I began the interview with my first question - "What

Don't Use Scrum (Too Many Meetings)

Don’t Use Scrum! (Too Many Darned Meetings) Try This Instead…

When we introduce Scrum to some companies, sometimes the question arises - "Why are there so many meetings in Scrum? When do you do 'real work'?" I've been answering this

How Do You Justify A Scrum Master's Salary?

How Do You Justify A Scrum Master’s Salary…?

When we introduce Scrum to an organization, many people are skeptical of the monetary benefits and ROI of the Scrum Master position. The question I am often asked is -

13 Reasons Why The ROI Of Your Agile Training Died! (And How You Can Save It The Next Time)

I got an audio cassette from the other side. It was about how I had killed the ROI of my Agile Training. There were many reasons... 1. I did not

Co-Active Scrum Coaching

How A Scrum Master Can “BE” A Co-Active Scrum Coach

I am halfway through my intense 6 month certification process from the Co-Active Training Institute to become a CPCC - Certified Co-Active Professional Coach. Around 130 people are holding me

The Roots of Agile Suffering

The Roots Of Agile Suffering

AGILE SUFFERING After more than a decade of helping organizations travel on the path of Agility, it feels more like traveling on the path of Agile Suffering. Agile Coaches like

Effective coaching relationships feel like dancing in the moment

How To Design An Agile Coaching Alliance

MY COACHING FAILURES Let me share another fruit from my fruitful failure tree... There have been times when I have struggled mightily in my coaching relationships. Whether the relationship is

Why I Began Drinking Dog Champagne

Why A Scrum.org Workshop Got Me Into Alcohol

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I am more than 45 years old and I am trying to prove them wrong. Let me explain. SPRING CHICKEN






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