Principles behind the SabotAgile! Manifesto

We follow these principles:
Our highest priority is to have resources deliver on scope, on time, on budget.

Rigorously control deviation from plan to prevent resources from wriggling out of commitments & to prevent business from moving the goal-posts.

Increase efficiency from resources through economies of scale, phase gates and large batch sizes.

Use proxies between business people and resources, enabling business people to be externally focused and do real work.

Use management oversight, performance objectives and bell-curves to maximize output from resources.

Use documents and e-mails with audit trails as primary means of communication with resources.

Executive dashboards are the primary measure of progress made by resources.

Resources work late nights, weekends and cancel vacations to meet deadlines.

Resources meet commitments by delivering to production and then patching with agile fast-followers as needed.

Leverage economies of scale by having resources deliver as many features as possible in each release.

Hire smart technical leaders to come up with architecture and design that junior resources can implement.

Provide a sense of freshness to resources by integrating buzz words from latest fashionable flavor(s) of the decade into process and procedures manuals, training and executive communication without changing our way of thinking and behaving.

Conduct postmortems with resources at the end of projects if time allows, as long as it does not interfere with resources doing real work.

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