About The Company



What Is SmoothApps

Smoothapps is a boutique I.T. Consulting firm that helps software delivery organizations apply agile values principles and practices to frequently deliver high quality, valuable software to the market.



How We Help

We use Agile Training, Coaching and Consulting to help our clients create sustainable competitive advantage.



Why SmoothApps

We believe that the magic of transformation occurs at the intersection of entrepreneurial thinking, agile delivery frameworks and inspiring story-telling. We believe we are in an elite group of firms that excel in all three!

Our Story

Why We Believe in Telling Our Story

Why Did We Choose The Name SmoothApps?

What Is Our Mission

What is Our Purpose

How We Help & What Makes Us Different

Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to our communities and have launched many programs to increase the ethical application of Agile Principles & Practices to create sustainable business value. We are proud co-founders of the Agile for Patriots program that helps Veterans and Spouses with Agile Training, Certification, Practical Experience and Mentoring to help build strong careers in the High-Tech Industry. We also offer free or discounted training to students, professors, women in technology, entrepreneurs and those in career transition. Contact us to learn more and apply for these programs.


Agile for Veterans

Agile for Transitioners

Agile for Women in Technology

Agile for Students

Agile for Teachers



Personally interviewed, trained and certified by Ken Schwaber – the co-creator of Scrum.


Practical experience in leading Agile Transformations in multi-billion dollar organizations.


Influential thought leaders and speakers – generating fresh ideas to address evolving challenges.


Compelling story tellers who can move the hearts and minds across the organization.


Diverse partners across the world providing end-to-end Agile-DevOps Services.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We transform clients by developing strong teams and inspiring leaders at all levels of the organization. We help teams identify and neutralize obstacles so they can recapture the magic of making I.T.


Our Vision

A world where strong, self-organizing teams and inspiring leaders help organizations frequently deliver smooth, simple, successful solutions to their clients.


Our Values


We will do what we say and say what we do.


We will take complete ownership for making the good, bad and ugly – better and beautiful. This is our home and the buck stops with us.


We will continuously learn and apply knowledge to improve the lives of our customers, colleagues, partners, investors and communities.


We will demonstrate the humility and courage to acknowledge that we do not have all the answers all the time, and ask for help when needed.


We will respectfully solicit and listen to inputs from others, carefully considering it before taking action.


In good times and bad, we will engage in sincere reflection, resisting the temptation to act without thought.


We will balance responsibilities to ourselves, our families, our communities and our work, never using any one to justify neglecting another.

Our Locations

Our partners are located in 6 locations across the US – Milwaukee, Cincinnatti, Columbus, Denver, San Antonio and Dallas.

We also have a network of over 175 partners distributed across the world so they can help your teams no matter where they might be.


We are proud to have helped