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Ravi Verma is a Public Speaker, Agile Coach, Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, Evidence Based Management Consultant and Blogger with a passion for helping teams recapture the magic of making I.T. As the Founder and Org Whisperer at SmoothApps, Ravi blends ideas from the world of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development to develop strong teams and inspiring leaders at all levels of an organization. He recently co-founded his second startup – Al Dente, a platform that helps Agile Coach’s and organizations empirically improve business outcomes in tandem with Agile delivery frameworks like Scrum.

Ravi has 20+ year of Software Delivery and Consulting Experience including Agile Enablement for companies ranging from 10 people to 10,000 people. He is able to earn the trust and respect of C-Level executives and help them understand how the application of Agile Principles, Values and Practices can become a powerful means to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Ravi is a creative thought leader and has created the Sabotagile Manifesto and Sabotagile Principles and co-created the Software Code of Ethics. As an active member of the Agile Community, he co-founded the Agile-DevOps Meetup and co-created the Scrum.org Scrum Pulse Webinar Series & Scrum Tapas Video Series.

Ravi is a compelling communicators and used the power of story-teller to make people lean-in and learn the what, why and how of Agility. You can get a sense for Ravi’s story-telling approach by watching the Agilato Video Series – and by reading his Agile Blogs.

He is a certified trainer for Sharon Bowman’s “Training From The Back of the Room” courses and integrates brain-friendly learning into his training. Ravi is also a Certified ROI Professional from the ROI Institute and integrates ROI Based Learning techniques into his training, coaching and consulting. He is committed to becoming a better coach and has completed 104 hours of rigorous training on Co-Active Coaching from the Co-Active institute and is currently enrolled in an intensive 6 month coaching program to become a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach.

As a grateful immigrant to the USA, Ravi felt a strong urge to give back to the country that adopted him and co-founded a non-profit – Agile For Patriots that provides free Agile training, certification, experience, mentoring and coaching to US Military Veterans and Spouses. Since its founding, Agile For Patriots has helped 42 candidates graduate from the program through 6 cohorts and has launched the 7th cohort in May 2021.

Ravi has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from R.V.C.E., Bangalore and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from SMU, Dallas. Ravi received a Certificate in Organizational Development from DePaul University and Linkage Inc and is an MBTI Certified Practitioner, with a Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution from Kilmann Diagnostics. He has also been trained in facilitating workshops for leading organizational change based on the book “Leading Bold Change” by Dr. John Kotter workshops.

He lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas and his favorite ways to recharge are passing time with his family, going for long walks in his neighborhood and watching NBA, Golf and crime-dramas all on mute with close captioning.




Janie Purvis joined SmoothApps in August of 2019. In her role, she manages all business operations for the organization including team engagement, social responsibility, storytelling, strategic partnerships and legal. She is a military spouse and serves as an officer on the board of directors for Agile for Patriots, a nonprofit for military veterans and spouses cofounded by SmoothApps CEO, Ravi Verma.

Prior to joining SmoothApps, Janie worked as Director of Communications and Community Relations for a nonprofit in Dallas. She also has a telecom background working in sales, marketing and engineering. She graduated with honors from John Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and received her Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication in 2012 from Franklin University.


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We are proud to add Stephanie Ockerman as a SmoothApps partner. Stephanie is a results-driven, compassionate coach, professional trainer, and speaker and enjoys helping people who believe in the art of the possible. She brings over a decade of consulting experience in banking, insurance, government, retail, and energy industries helping people solve complex problems and deliver valuable business solutions. Stephanie is passionate about enabling high performing teams, cultivating agile mindsets, and helping people discover their capacity for growth and learning. Throughout her career, she has formally trained hundreds of professionals in a variety of processes and skills. She is Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org and is the steward of the Professional Scrum Master Training Course.


Chief Customer Officer



Anjan Choudhary is the Chief Customer Officer at SmoothApps. He is laser focused at understanding the unique needs of our customers and co-creating a customized bundle of offerings that will help them meet their goals.

Anjan is a customer focused, technology leader with a track record of building and scaling product development, marketing, sakes and operations for multiple technology organizations. He was previously the Founder & CEO of Inquirly, an Omni-channel Digital Command Center for Small and Medium Businesses that helped their clients get an audience of 15+ Million acriss 9000+ campaigns for Marketing, Sales and Customer Engagement.

He is a sought after speaker and advisor in the area of Entrepreneurship and the intersection of Digital Transformation, Marketing and Customer Engagement. He has also help leadership positions in Technology Consulting and has helped generate $100+ M in revenue for technology consulting services.

Anjan has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a masters, scars and tons of hard earned wisdom from the school of hard knocks.


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Sumeet Madan is an experienced SAFe trainer, Enterprise Agile Coach and PST from Scrum.org. His mission drives him connecting with people to help them explore their own values, and enable people to make sense out of their life to become a better human being.

His Agile knowledge, along with coaching and training abilities, offers him the perspective needed to guide teams and agile leaders to harness Agile as the competitive advantage. Sumeet trained more than 500 people (Scrum Master and Development team) on Agile, Scrum and SAFe.

He is an Active speaker @ Scrum Bangalore and Scrum Gurgaon. Sumeet worked at organisations like Tesco, RBS, ABB.