Discovering The Scientific Purpose of Scrum Elements

Scrum Discovery Cheat Sheet – From a Superficial to Scientific Understanding of Scrum

10+ years of helping thousands of practitioners with implementation of Professional Scrum has taught me one thing - most practitioners have a very superficial understanding of Scrum. To most, Scrum is nothing more than "Daily Standup" and "Sprint Demo". 8+ years of...
Lessons From Michelangelo - How To Get Buy-In For Agile Training

Lessons From Michelangelo – How To Crack Tough Nuts & Get Buy-In For Scrum Training

Around 14  years ago, my Coach - Peggy Reed changed my life by sending me to Scrum Training. I fell in love with Scrum and chose to become a Professional Scrum Trainer with the support of Ken Schwaber. Since then, I have trained thousands of students in...
The Scrum Master As A Ferocious Protector

The Scrum Master Is An FFFCDO For Developers!

Of late, I've been noticing an interpretation of the Scrum Master role - the Scrum Master as An FFFCDO for Developers - a Fierce, Ferocious, Fearsome Chief Defense Officer!. Anytime, anyone provides any feedback that might cause Developers any kind of discomfort, the...
Why You Should NOT Waste Time & Money on Evidence Based Management!

Why You Should NOT Waste Time & Money on Evidence Based Management!

Are you too busy doing real work to bother about this new fad called "Evidence Based Management"? Are you tired of beating yourself up because you just don't have the time, money or energy to get on this bandwagon with the other cool kids? Well, fear not. I have a...
The Most Important Scrum Master Interview Questions

The Five Most Important Scrum Master Interview Questions

I WANT TO CONVINCE YOU THAT... I interviewed a Scrum Master candidate last week. This blog is inspired by him. I began the interview with my first question - "What questions do you have for me?". He was prepared with his top five questions. Those first five questions,...

From Nojo to Mojo in the Dojo – Part 3

Yes, baseball season has finally started. And many of us gluttons for punishment will now have a new source for our daily dose of pain. For me personally, the preferred sources of pain are the (mis)fortunes of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys. They generally keep me well supplied from September to around June or a Mavs play-off exit (whichever comes first) each year. However, after the Mavs season ends and before the Cowboys season begins, there is a certain emptiness in my life each year. I have considered diversifying my couch potato portfolio of pain by subscribing to the miseries of the Texas Rangers, but it is too radical a lifestyle change for me to make all of a sudden.

But perhaps I digress, my friends.

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From Nojo to Mojo in the Dojo – Part 2

“When my children grow up, I want them to be…”

Thus begins the Coda in Marshall Goldsmith’s new book – Mojo. This is the question Marshall asked thousands of parents across the world. They could only respond in one word. What do you think it was?

Tweak the question…

“I want all my loved ones to be…”

How would you answer it?

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From Nojo to Mojo in the Dojo – Part 1

Last month, I attended a conference call on Marshall Goldsmith’s new book – Mojo, and decided I just had to read it! Last week I finished reading the book and wanted to share some of his inspiring thoughts with you.

Marshal defines Mojo as the state of an individual or an organization in which everything goes right and one success leads to another, kind of like being in the zone. Nojo, on the other hand, is the exact opposite – a state where there is boredom, frustration and misery. Life is too short for us to have Nojo in our Dojo 🙂 Mojo provides simple tools and techniques to measure and boost our Mojo on a daily basis.

One of the most touching chapters in the book is the one on Daily Questions…

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The Riveting Tale of Estelle Jones and Indy F Potter – Part 4

So what does all this mean?

* Is there a reason behind the differences in the way we respond to situations or do we do it just to * irritate each other?
* Is there a way for us to understand our preferred responses and adjust them if our natural first response hurts us?
* How can we understand, appreciate and capitalize on our differences instead of allowing them to obstruct our progress?

Quite like the hand we prefer to use for writing, we are all born with certain innate preferences for interacting with the world, processing information, making decisions and implementing our ideas. These preferences influence the situations in which we feel natural, relaxed and confident, and those in which we feel uncomfortable, awkward and strained.

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The Riveting Tale of Estelle Jones and Indy F Potter – Part 3

Did that story seem familiar? Is there an Estelle or Indy in your office?

Who do you think was right?

What do you think the Boss should have done next? And how would you have handled this situation?

Can you identify with either one of them? Or, maybe a little bit with both of them?

Have you reflected on the different personality types at your work place and how they affect your ability to get things done? Take a blank piece of paper and jot down answers to these questions…

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The Riveting Tale of Estelle Jones and Indy F Potter – Part 2

The decibel level in the office started rising. That meant that others had read the mail and the reactions were pouring out in the hallway. Indy started reflecting and planning a response. He brought out a pad and started jotting down the approach he would take-

Step 1: Learn about the target operating system

Step 2: Check if there were any 3rd party…

Before he could finish the sentence…

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The Riveting Tale of Estelle Jones and Indy F Potter – Part 1

That morning started like any other. Indiana F Potter, or “Indy” got to work, made himself a cup of coffee, mumbled hello to anyone he could not avoid eye contact with and headed right to his desk. Given a choice, Indy preferred to be in his inner world of concepts and ideas. Especially at the start of a day, he got his energy by reflecting inwards, rather than interacting with others. Indy started catching up on what was going on in the world, moving on next to his mail and then started to plan out his day.

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From Shawshank to Shorefront

In 1944, an aspiring model was told by the director of the Blue Book Modeling Agency that she’d “better learn secretarial work or get married”.

In 1954, after a teenager had just performed at the Grand Ole Opry, an organizer that him “to go back to drivin’ a truck”.

In 1962, a band auditioned for Decca Records and was rejected because “guitar groups were on their way out” and the band “had no future in show business”.

In each case, ‘experts’ made decisions based on their assumptions.

Lucky for us that their assumptions were incorrect. And the world got to know…

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Linked Lists and Chicken Heads…

Wikipedia defines the word ‘geek’ as

‘…a slang term, noting individuals as “a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.’

But wait, it gets better…

‘…Formerly, the term referred to a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken, bat, snake or bugs.’

Mercifully, I do not remember ever biting off or wanting to bite off ‘the head of a live chicken, bat, snake or bugs’. However, I do remember many incidents that would make me eligible for the more contemporary definition of geek.

For instance, …

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