Agile Practices and Tools

Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

One of the biggest challenges with requirements is misunderstanding them. BDD is not founded on using a tool, but on a transformative way of approaching requirements with a triad of customer, tester, and developer. BDD scenarios become a detailed specification of the system, not a post coding verification artifact. By using the standardized vocabulary of the Gherkin syntax, requirements can be created by business facing individuals and then evolved into unambiguous, executable software specifications.

Agile Testing Workshop

The Agile Testing Workshop (1 day) helps students learn the application of Agile Testing Principles and Practices to help organizations improve software quality and get the right behavior into products. Particularly valuable for people in Agile Software Development environments, the Agile Testing Workshop teaches the importance of fundamentally sound user stories, the Definition of Done (DoD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) as they relate to Agile Testing. In addition, students learn conditions of acceptance and how to automate Acceptance Criteria. Finally, the workshop concludes with emphasizing the importance of software quality.